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A Fast and Easy Way to Sell Your Real Estate

  • Request a Purchase for an Offer on Your House

    Simply fill out a short online form and provide basic information about your house alongside a Seller’s Disclosure.

  • Accept Purchase Offer

    Reply with an email that reads “accepted” if you like the price being offered. This is where the paperwork begins.

  • Select a Closing Date

    Before we send you the contract, you have to pick the day you want to close. It should be anytime within 5-60 days.

  • Sign a Purchase Agreement

    Electronically sign the purchase contract to confirm your agreement with us.

In Summary

  • Request your no-obligation, free offer.
  • Receive a purchase offer within 24 hours.
  • See our top cash purchase offer.
  • Our transparent pricing means there are no surprises.
  • Accept your offer to move on.
  • Pick the day you want to close and move.
  • Digitally sign the purchase contract.
  • Congratulations, your house is now sold!

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If you are a seller, you can schedule an appointment with our realtor to list your property on the market for sale. We look forward to working with you!

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Customer Testimonial

“The Owning Your House team lead by Vicente Orellana made the sell of our house very stress-free! Not only were they able to help us get our home listed on the market but an offer above asking price in less than 2 weeks. I would recommend the Owning Your House team to anyone looking to purchase or sell their home due to their honesty, integrity, compassion, and dedication to pleasing their clients!” ⁠— Johnson Family